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How Asolvi uses alphaOS to build customer-centric products


Global provider of industry specific service management software.





Products used


How Asolvi uses alphaOS to power their product operations

Global provider of industry specific service management software.

Challenges they faced

Before featureOS we had multiple methods for collecting and storing feedback across our different products. As a rapidly growing, multi-product, B2B company we could see we needed a better, more user-centric, approach to how we captured customer feedback and ideas. We looked for a solution to help us standardize our processes but retain the flexibility to manage multiple products independently.

How featureOS helped

featureOS allows our team of product managers to capture and manage feedback across multiple products from a common, easy to use tool. We have multiple product boards, each dedicated to a unique product. We have also built "in-app feedback" features in our products to enable our end-users to submit ideas to us directly via featureOS's API.

We use featureOS purely for our product discovery process and this is helping us evolve how we manage our products. It helps our stakeholders to better understand the difference between an idea, that is still undergoing discovery, compared to a fully validated solution on our roadmap.

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