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15 Customer Feedback Examples companies are using today

Customer Feedback Example collections from best companies like Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Hyatt, and 15 other companies.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

15 Customer Feedback Examples companies are using today

Today, customers wield more influence than ever in products they use. And many companies have learned that the true path to success lies not only in their offerings but also in the hands of their customers.

However, even in 2023, the percentage of companies putting customers at the center of their operations and focusing on improving CX has increased by only 6%. These companies offer superior customer experience by using feedback as a powerful tool to shape their strategies, enhance their offerings, and build customer loyalty.

In this blog post, we will take you through the 15 most prominent names in the industry who use customer feedback to redefine success.

15 Customer Feedback Examples

You can take your customer experience to the next level by learning from these top customer feedback examples.

1. Amazon’s Customer Reviews

Amazon aims to become ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company.’ And true to its vision, the company is well-known for its customer service. Its feedback survey is thorough and well-defined. From product and seller reviews to service reviews, Amazon asks for it all.

Customer Feedback Example from Amazon
Customer Feedback Example from Amazon

Customers can give a product an overall rating, write a review, and even create a video review. They can also rate sellers separately. Amazon further asks customers to rate its customer services based on response speed, level of communication, and resolution.

2. Netflix’s Customer Feedback Surveys

Netflix is well known for its ultra-personalized recommendations. But how do they do it?

The streaming giant collects customer feedback using email surveys to improve their recommendations and content curation. The survey asks users to rate the selection of movies and series available on the app based on different parameters, such as satisfaction level, preferred genres, etc.

Customer Feedback Example from Netflix
Customer Feedback Example from Netflix

It has recently included a more innovative way of letting customers rate a particular series/movie. Users can now use thumbs up/down to provide feedback, which is easier and lets the company improve its recommendations.

3. Hyatt’s Website and Social Media Feedback Approach

Hyatt, the global luxury hotel chain, is built on the voice of customers. And its customer satisfaction score of 80 proves just that! Hyatt takes feedback through two main channels: website and social media.

Customer Feedback Example from Hyatt hotels
Customer Feedback Example from Hyatt hotels

It has a dedicated website where customers can openly share their experiences with Hyatt. They can give suggestions, leave reviews, and provide overall feedback.

Through social media, Hyatt encourages customers to share their honest experiences, post photos, and provide feedback on improvement. It keeps track of what customers say and uses it to improve their offerings.

4. YouTube’s Feedback Surveys

All of us have seen a YouTube survey pop up while watching a video at least once. YouTube often asks viewers how they liked the video and to rate their experience. Customers can easily give a rating without pausing their experience for too long. This allows YouTube to provide more relevant recommendations to its audience.

Customer Feedback Example from YouTube
Customer Feedback Example from YouTube

However, that’s not all! The streaming platform goes a step further by even conducting surveys for its advertisements. Viewers can rate their advertisement experience based on how relevant it was to their tastes.

5. Apple’s Product Feedback

Apple is one of the best customer feedback examples to learn from. Steve Jobs firmly believed in ‘selling experiences, not products.’ And so the company takes feedback on all its products, website, and support tickets. It also has a separate product feedback page where users can share their ideas and reviews.

Customer Feedback Example from Apple
Customer Feedback Example from Apple

In addition, Apple uses the NPS surveys to assess customer and employee satisfaction. It asks a simple question: ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?’

6. Slack’s In-App Feedback and Personalized NPS Survey

Slack tested its product for seven months before launching it. Therefore, it’s fair to say that Slack was built with only one thing in mind - customers.

The company uses in-app surveys to gather valuable feedback without disrupting the product experience. It asks questions in a simple yet effective language to make it easier for users to understand.

Customer Feedback Example from Slack
Customer Feedback Example from Slack

Slack’s NPS survey is also one of the best customer feedback examples, as it comes with a personalized message. This encourages users to give more accurate feedback.

7. Google’s Interactive Search Feedback

Google’s customer feedback strategy is subtle and quite effective. It consistently asks for its users’ feedback on every search they make. Once you search for something, a small feedback option appears below the first search result and the ‘people also ask’ section.

Customer Feedback Example from Google Search
Customer Feedback Example from Google Search

The options consist of several points, from ‘this is helpful’ to ‘this is misleading or inaccurate.’ Users can also add a comment if they wish to. This allows customers to provide practical and more accurate suggestions.

8. Zoom’s Feedback Forms

As per Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer of Zoom, most of its new features are designed as per their customer feedback and needs.

Zoom asks for feedback right after a meeting ends. Users can use the ‘Help’ tab, which is accessible on their profile, to provide more thorough feedback. The company uses this feedback to improve its functionality and add innovative features.

9. Mailchimp’s Feedback Strategy

Mailchimp’s feedback survey strategy allows customers to provide feedback easily. For example, if you go through an article on the Mailchimp website, you will find the feedback option right at the end. The feedback form asks only two significant questions  - whether the article was helpful and if you’d like to leave any suggestions.

You can also access more thorough feedback by clicking on the feedback option.

Customer Feedback Example from Mailchimp
Customer Feedback Example from Mailchimp

Apart from this, Mailchimp provides the option of leaving specific feedback or general feedback on the website. This makes it easy for the audience to share feedback, giving the company more valuable insights.

10. HubSpot’s NPS Surveys

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM platforms that follows the ‘customer-first’ approach. It takes feedback in multiple ways, including advanced NPS surveys every month. Its primary metric to measure customer satisfaction is NPS.

The survey also often includes open-ended questions, such as:

‘What kind of feedback do you have?’ ‘What’s on your mind?’

11. Jira’s Feedback Widget

Unlike most companies that follow a pop-up survey to collect feedback, Jira uses a feedback widget present on the top right corner of the page. If customers want to share their experience, they can click on the widget, and a customized page will appear.

Jira also asks for feedback through in-app notifications. So when a user gets a notification, the app sneaks in a quick feedback question along.

Customer Feedback Example from JIRA
Customer Feedback Example from JIRA

In addition, Atlassian has a page dedicated to customer feedback. Users can give feedback about a product, support experience, or pricing. If a user selects product feedback, a list of Atlassian products, including Jira, will automatically appear in front of them.

12. Uber’s Real-Time Two-Way Feedback

Uber, the app-based ride service, uses an excellent way to collect feedback from its customers and drivers. The company values the input of both parties. And so after a ride is over, they can rate each other and provide written feedback.

Another reason Uber is one of the best customer feedback examples is that it requests real-time feedback. So, customers get to rate their ride while the experience is still fresh in their minds. In case a driver gets constant poor reviews, Uber immediately takes action.

13. Airbnb’s Host and Guest Ratings

Airbnb follows a two-way review system to get host and guest ratings. Hosts and guests can give star ratings and written suggestions after a stay.

Guests can provide ratings on six levels, including cleanliness, check-in ease, the accuracy of the information, overall value, convenience of location, and host communication.

Additionally, they can also rate their experience through NPS email surveys.

14. Starbucks’ My Starbucks Idea

We cannot discuss the best customer feedback examples without discussing Starbucks’ iconic My Starbucks Idea scheme. The website made it incredibly easy for people to submit their requests. In fact, it was so popular that it led to more than 250 ideas becoming part of the Starbucks store.

Customer Feedback Example from Starbucks
Customer Feedback Example from Starbucks

While the platform retired, Starbucks still uses online surveys, receipt surveys, and mobile app feedback to collect customer reviews. Many of its stores also feature a feedback system where customers can rate their experience. It also encourages customers to submit their suggestions through their website.

15. Timberland’s Live Chat Option

It took Timberland, a footwear brand, a fair amount of ups and downs to realize just how important customer feedback is. However, upon realizing this, the company partnered with VF Corp to collect customer reviews across eight countries. Based on this feedback, it turned around its customer strategy.

Customer Feedback Example from Timberland
Customer Feedback Example from Timberland

Now, the company asks for feedback on every purchase made. It allows customers to upload photos, write a review, and rate their products. It also has a live chat option to resolve concerns on all product pages.


We live in a world where customer expectations and preferences constantly evolve. And getting consistent customer feedback is the key to understanding them. From Amazon to Timberland, all the customer feedback examples highlighted in this blog post have one thing in common - they realized that their customers’ voices shape them.

We hope these practical examples can help you redesign your own customer feedback strategy, choose better tools, and take a proactive approach.

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