Product Management Suite

Make data-informed decisions to build what's necessary.

01. alphaOS Passport

Fly through and organize customer data to make better decisions.

Simplify your customer data management, get personalized insights, enjoy cross-app integration with alphaOS Passport.

Your product's data layer

Your hub for all your customer data, real-time insights, and actionable recommendations that can be used across apps.

Automagic Segmentation

Let alphaOS do the automatic user segmentation to keep your data clean, and tidy. You save hours, and focus on making decisions.

Customer Analytics

Identify the customers that require your focus with data that's organized and readily accessible for you. Powered by AI.

Your own CRM

alphaOS is super real-time and blazing fast. This is the fastest customer data platform you would ever use.

Auto Data Enrichment

Real-time data enrichment to get deeper context of companies to drive insights, conversations, and decisions.

Your own tech stack

Pull-in data from your favorite tools to make sense of your customer data. Build your own customer data dashboards.

02. changeOS

Write release notes not alone, but with your entire team in real-time.

Write, review, approve, and publish release notes collaboratively using changeOS.

Super fast & real-time

So much faster, so much better, and so much simpler so you can focus on getting work done, better.

Collaborate with your team

The line between real-world and virutal is now very blurry. Collab with your team in real-time.

Scheduled Publishing

Releasing a feature two weeks into the future? Write release notes now, and schedule changelog for later.

Attach links & files

No more taking users somewhere else to download your new update. Link it to the release note. Simple.

Customizable Widgets

Customize release notes widgets the way you want. Place is anywhere in your product to create awareness.


Summarize the entire release note into a one-liner with TLDR using alphaAI. Saves you and your users so much time.

03. helpOS

Effortlessly record, generate, and publish help articles.

You can now create and update your help articles with the power of AI. Record the screen, and click generate to automatically write help articles with ease.

Super real-time.

Collaborative on help article with your team in real-time. Just like sitting next to each other.


Customize almost every aspect of your portal to your liking.

Built to scale.

Whether you are collaborating with 2 or 100 people, performs the same.

Appreciate Team Members.

Acknowledge your team members who worked on a feature you are releasing. Keep them involved.

Privacy is default.

Everything is encrypted, safe and secure. You just have to worry about writing help articles, nothing else.

Attention to detail.

Built just for writing help articles. Extensive feature-set that allows you to get only the best experience.

04. mailOS

Your mailing system to keep your customers engaged

Real-time SaaS email APIs powered by AI to give you instant recommendations and analytics.

Bring your own SMTP

Gain loyalty with users by sending out emails with your own SMTP credentials. Land on the Inbox. Not Updates.

Real-time Analytics

Know what emails are being sent to who and when in real-time. Keep track of open rates. It's magical.

Transparent Calculations

Precisely know how open rates and other metrics are calculated. See how you can optimize without hidden tricks.

Set a Vanity Metric

Set the target metrics that you want to go after. See how you are performing against it. Use AI to recommend.

One-click Templates

Choose from 100s of templates that you can use right away for your SaaS products. Click. Deploy. Send.

Generative AI Enabled

Generate content or ask what to do to increase conversion. mailOS has got you covered.

Powering customer-first product teams