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    Embed Loom video recordings on feedback posts, roadmap, or changelog.

    featureOS integration with Intercom is one of the most powerful ones in the industry. The integration comes with a ton of features, customizations, and methods in which you can get your feedback from your customers with ease.

    With Intercom for featureOS, you can:

    • Pass on the message from Intercom to featureOS.
    • Fetch featureOS data into your Intercom account.
    • Submit a feedback on a user's behalf.
    • Search for a post on featureOS and attach it to your Intercom chat.
    • Vote on behalf of a customer.
    • View the list of posts that are linked to the user directly on Intercom.
    • Open posts on featureOS from Intercom.

    Learn about the Intercom integration here.