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How Tandem.net uses alphaOS to build customer-centric products


Tandem allows you to master any language by actually chatting with real people.




Berlin, Germany

Products used


How Tandem.net uses alphaOS to power their product operations

Tandem allows you to master any language by actually chatting with real people.

Challenges they faced

Before using featureOS we were receiving feedback via many different channels like email, support tickets, survey forms or app reviews. We were capturing a lot of feature requests but we didn't have an effective way of measuring how many users would benefit.

Additionally, being a consumer app for worldwide language learning, a lot of users share a lot of great feedback but not everyone can already articulate their request clearly enough. So at times, it can be tricky to understand the need behind a request from a single user alone.

We really needed a tool to aggregate tons of feedback and allow our users to contribute easily and without (language) barriers, while removing the burden of sifting through it all. We tried another feature voting tool first but it was too much effort to use at scale and lacked some important features and integrations.

How featureOS helped

Using featureOS has made our lives much easier. We've integrated the boards directly into our app which allows our community to share new ideas easily, add color to existing requests, or simply upvote in a single place. And if we need more information we can just ask – no need to involve our customer support team. We now have a lot more insight on the nuances of our members' needs!

We also have numerical data that helps with prioritizing new features (and tackling the most critical bugs first). We've integrated with Jira, so whenever we complete a highly requested feature or fix a bug, our members are informed immediately.

The featureOS dashboard is clean, intuitive and easy to use, and they are truly committed to making it better every week. We're extremely grateful for their stellar support. To every request or query we've logged with them, they've responded almost immediately – and even implemented a dozen small requests within a day or two!

We couldn't be happier we switched to featureOS.

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