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How Peopleforce uses alphaOS to build customer-centric products


Improve security with phishing simulation and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.




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How Peopleforce uses alphaOS to power their product operations

Improve security with phishing simulation and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.

Challenges they faced

As the product manager of a quickly growing product, I was constantly struggling to keep track of the feedback we were receiving from our clients. Keeping everyone in the loop was even harder. Our customer success team never knew if something was requested before, besides it, there was the constant absence of direct communication with the users and overall little understanding of what are we working on now.

We had another feedback-tracking system implemented, but it wasn’t half as used as we wanted it to be. The backlog of requests was growing quickly and instead of focusing on it, the development team had to try to keep on track with the status of items.

Now looking back at what we had, it’s very easy to see the problem, we committed to the wrong feedback-tracking system. We’ve used it for over two years but didn’t even get the chance to implement SSO for clients; there were far more critical issues we had such as integrating with other productivity tools and even navigating the backlog. Together with the team, we lost hope in the need for feedback tracking systems, our previous one became just a dumping ground.

How featureOS helped

First and foremost, the system helped us to organize all of the feedback we already had. Migrating the backlog with all the information gathered was intimidating and featureOS team provided huge help in understanding our needs and giving advice.

From there, quick and simple integration of SSO as well as with our development tool - Linear was done faster than we set further goals. Another great add-on is integration with Intercom. It was a bit underwhelming but with the feedback provided to featureOS and the excellent job they did - it’s now a pure pleasure and a huge time saver for Customer Success. The system also helped us to keep our clients informed about the progress we were making in response to their feedback or engage in discussion and clear some questions.

Finally, featureOS gave us the engagement of our users to share their needs directly. By analyzing the feedback we were collecting, we identified areas where we were excelling and areas where we needed to improve. This helped us to focus our efforts and make sure that we were always delivering the best possible service to our clients.

Overall, implementing featureOS has been a fantastic success for our team. It has helped us to be more organized, responsive, and effective, and it was well accepted among our customers as well.

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