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Marketing & Lifecycle Email API for SaaS Products.

Nurture and convert your SaaS leads with AI-assisted customer engagement campaigns. All in one platform.

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SaaS Email Marketing In One Place

You finally have a powerful tool that can aid you in email marketing as a Product Manager.

Send automated emails.
Use the power of AI to send automated SaaS email based on behavior. You sleep, let mailOS handle the rest.
AI-powered recommendations.
Get more done faster with alphaOS AI to create, review, and send emails to your customers & increase conversion.
Identify & Convert Leads.
Send personalized SaaS emails to leads for better conversion and responses for your product.
Set & Track a Vanity Metric.
Set your North Star Metric and drive campaigns along those lines to drive conversion for your SaaS products.
Ready-made Templates.
Choose from thousands of templates, quickly customize, and begin campaigns in no-time.
Double Opt-In.
Comply with regulations by enabling double opt-in for your subscribers, leads, and customers.
Purpose-built for SaaS.
Purpose-built for SaaS products, makers, and managers who send out emails to grow their business.
Send automated responses.
Choose to send automated email responses to help leads understand a bit more about your product.
Automatic Data Enrichment.
Save hours researching on a customer. Let alphaOS Passport help you with the customer-data that you need.
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