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Purpose built for,writing great release notes.

Write great release notes by collaborating with your team in real-time. Features purpose-built to write great release notes.

Always something new. Just for you...

With 34+ features changeOS has the most extensive feature set on the planet. That's not all. You get constant updates every week to help you even better.

All the features you need, and more

Core Features

Insanely fast

Get things done at superhuman speeds with Hellonext. Optimized for performance throughout.

Super real-time


Generate OpenGraph image

Generate a custom OG image to customize Hellonext for sharing on social media.

Custom brand colors

Choose your brand color to customize Hellonext even more for your need.

Custom favicon

Upload your own favicon of your product to make Hellonext your own.

Custom links

Add links to your product, about page and more with custom links.

Configure email notifications

Decide whether admins or users should receive email notifications or not.

Set default homepage

Choose which Hellonext module should be the default view for your portal.

Disable Hellonext branding

Disable Powered by Hellonext branding on your account.

Map custom domain

Bring your own domain to your Hellonext account. Like feedback.yourproduct.com.

Powerful Editor

Drag-drop-done performance

Drag an image into the editor anywhere on the platform to add more context to a post.

@ mention someone

Keep everyone included with just an @ mention in comments & posts.

Tag a post

Referring to some other post? Just type #, and link the post with ease.

Copy, paste, link development

Select a text and directly paste a link from your clipboard. Lesser clicks. Faster actions.

Rich styling features

Bold, italics, underline, we've got you covered. Even tables, type em' out easily.

Copy & paste an image

Paste an image directly from your clipboard into Hellonext Editor. No more hassle.

Markdown friendly

All the power of Markdown language you need, now on Hellonext Editor.

Automatic styling

Hellonext intelligently styles your content automagically as you type.

Smart text recognition

Hellonext recognizes smart character like (c), which becomes ©

Keyboard shortcuts

Don't move your finger away from the keyboard. Get things done with shortcuts.

Automagically saved

Everything you type is saved on your browser. Even when you lose your internet connection.

Embed YouTube videos

Embed responsive YouTube videos for posts, comments, or changelog.

Team Collaboration

User Roles

Invite your teams, give them appropriate roles to deal with customer feedback on Hellonext.

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