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Artificial Intelligence

How alphaOS thinks about using AI

Our AI manifesto. What we will do, and what we will not do with AI.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

How alphaOS thinks about using AI

Our one true goal is to build products that help companies organize their information to build better products. This vision will soon rely on machine learning, and other forms of intelligence to help you get build better products.

Before we work on anything that is related to these Large Language Models (LLM), we sat down to write the core principles that we will abide by for decades to come when it comes to putting these LLMs to use for our customers. Here they are:

Principles of using AI for alphaOS products

1. Always ask the users

Ask the users if they think AI would help them. When we decide to build a module that touches AI (which will also touch user data with their permission), tell them first with Privacy Reports. Keep the users proactively informed about the data that is being used, and how AI is arriving at a solution for them.

2. Put AI to use only when needed

Just because LLMs are accessible now, it doesn't mean we should use it or implement it. Analyze deeply before building, even if it takes time. Build something that the users would get real value for one day one, literally after shipping that feature.

3. Don't ship until its done

We treat every product and its feature on alphaOS as a hardware product. So the default assumption is that we won't ship a feature until it's done. The default consideration is that the feature we ship cannot be changed, in this case, a customers' perception about the product/feature.

4. AI is just an aid

Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, use of LLMs, and anything under the AI umbrella) is just an aid. It is and cannot be a replacement of some function that a product team would do. AI at its core at alphaOS is just to help people make decisions better, not decide on their behalf.

5. AI must be hidden

Our purpose is not to showcase AI or build to gain users solely because we are enabled by AI. alphaOS is about helping product people make better decisions. If AI can help, great, we put it to use. The existence of AI in our products is invisible. It doesn't have to be explicitly visible for the user to know.

Our purpose is to build products that helps organize company's information to build better products. If AI helps with it, we use it the right way. If AR helps in the next 10 years, we use that to help people. That's what we believe in at alphaOS.

Last updated: December 1st, 2023 at 10:14:07 AM GMT+0

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